Wine Birds Club

Welcome to the Wine Birds Club: A Handpicked Wine Experience

At Wine Birds, our passion for exceptional wines translates into a handpicked case of the finest selections that are making waves in the wine world, delivered straight to your door.

Why Join the Wine Birds Club?

When you join the Wine Birds Club, you're not just receiving a box of wine; you're unlocking a gateway to an enriching wine experience. Here’s what makes being a part of our club so special:

- Your Preferred Choice: Tailor your wine adventure to your taste. Choose from exclusively red, purely white, a mix of both, or even include the occasional rosé.

- Expertly Curated Selections: Our wine expert carefully selects each bottle to ensure a unique and enjoyable experience with every sip.

- Wine Education and Pairing Suggestions: While we've omitted detailed tech sheets, each selection comes with insightful notes about the wine, including suggestions for food pairings, to enhance your tasting journey.

- A Warm Welcome Offer: Enjoy a welcoming 15% off on your first box as a token of our appreciation for joining the Wine Birds family.

- Exclusive Member Savings: As a club member, you'll always save more compared to off-the-shelf purchases.

- Additional Perks at Our Events: Experience more of what Wine Birds has to offer with a 10% discount on our events, exclusively for our club members.
- Free delivery: Carlsbad residents enjoy complimentary delivery. For other ZIPs please request your shipping quote.

Ready for Your Wine Journey?

Choose your preferred monthly Discovery Set and start exploring:

- 2-Bottle Set: $59

- 4-Bottle Set: $118

- 6-Bottle Set: $177

For an even more personalized experience, inquire about our discovery sets at

Join the Wine Birds Family today and get 15% off on your first box!

Discover the joy of expertly chosen wines and become the envy of your friends for your impeccable taste. Visit us at 5601 Palmer Way, Suite A, Carlsbad, CA, or join online. Your adventure in the world of fine wines awaits with Wine Birds.