Famille Paquet

Famille Paquet Les Cras Saint-Veran 2020


Producer, Famille Paquet

Region, France\Burgundy\

Alcohol, 13.0

Varieties, White

Closure, Cork

Character, Buttery and Complex

Food pairing, Chicken and turkey


  • Chardonnay

Famille Paquet Les Cras Saint-Veran 2020

When they decided to take over the estate of their parents in Mâcon, Mathieu and Camille Paquet were convinced that it had the potental to produce great wines; that is to say, wines of emoton. To transform the nugget into a jewel, it was necessary to start by giving all the atenton to the vineyard. Organic farming was obviously a necessity. But it is especially with biodynamics that the different terroirs have been able to reveal themselves in all their originalites. Pruning has been revised to have clusters both smaller and fewer; for denser wines, capable of expressing the most subtle nuances of the soil. Each vine is accompanied in its growth without forcing it and respectng all individualites. For this, only atenton and the human hand are acceptable. For example, during the summer, the shoots are not hedged but delicately intertwined.
Under these conditons, the vines regulate the number of leaves and the size of the berries on their own. Everything becomes obvious in this vitculture that is lived with the heart. The right maturity is determined for each plot or micro-plot by tastng berries and experience of the growers. Last step in this logical constructon at the service of great wines, the harvest is carried out by hand in small crates to preserve the integrity of each berry between the hand of the picker and the winery. True luxury jewelry vitculture! But, to highlight any jewel a case is needed. For the fruit, this is the cellar. It is both a piece of art but also, and above all, a formidable tool at the service of a winemaking and a “haute couture” aging.
Gravity prevents any pumping and therefore preserves berries intact. They are then pressed with delicacy. Small vats make it possible to contnue during the vinifcaton, the work of terroir delimitaton that begun in the vineyard. This reasoning also implies the exclusive use of Finally, large spaces give the possibility of long aging in barrels or amphorae. Thus, the necessary tme is given to each wine so that it can reveal itself in its own identty and originality. All the cuvees are hildren of the same family. All have similarites but each are different and unique. Their common point: the litle thrill or tear they bring to the tastng. Emotion...