Domaine de Chassorney
Organic Biodynamic New-Arrivals

Frederic Cossard Domaine de Chassorney Bourgogne Blanc Bigotes 2021


Producer, Domaine de Chassorney

Region, France\Burgundy\Cote de Beaune

Alcohol, 12.5

Varieties, White

Closure, Cork

Character, Buttery and Complex

Food pairing, Chicken and Turkey


  • Chardonnay

Frederic Cossard Domaine de Chassorney Bourgogne Blanc Bigotes 2021

Frédéric Cossard is a larger than life character. He is a man with an infectious joie de vivre, with a real passion for life and a love of wine that runs deep. Fred wasn’t born into a family of vignerons and so had to start from scratch, no mean feat in Burgundy. Domaine de Chassorney was born in 1996 with a few hectares of vines rented in Saint Romain and Auxey Duresses and now comprises ten hectares of vines across several villages. He also acts as a négociant, which gives him access to fruit from some of the greatest vineyards in Burgundy. These wines are bottled eponymously, as ‘Frédéric Cossard’. The Cossards have worked organically from the outset and now focus on homeopathic treatments and remedies tailored to the needs of each site. When fruit is bought, they give the growers a guide for looking after the vines and join them in the vineyards to ensure that work is carried out to their own lofty standards. In doing so they ensure that only the most pristine fruit makes it to their cellars tucked away amongst the limestone cliffs of Saint-Romain.