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Roark Wine Company VINO NV

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Producer, Roark Wine Company

Region, USA\Santa Barbara County\

Alcohol, 12.5

Varieties, Red

Closure, Cork

Character, Rich and Intense

Food pairing, Lamb


  • Red Blend

Roark Wine Company VINO NV

Ryan Roark -

VINO has been in the making since 2010 when Jenn and I drank our first bottle of Sean Thackery’s Pleiades. I was living in my old winery in Lompoc and Jenn was up for a visit and after opening the bottle and being totally enthralled, I said “to hell with it,” and called the number on the bottle. Sean Thackery answered and we chatted for half an hour. Pleiades was his basic table wine and have often thought of making a similar wine. Not a wine about a vintage or a place but a wine about a winery. I have kept back a handful of barrels over the years to be able to make this wine. A wine that showcases a winery, its history and its style. Drink this with your friends. Put it in the fridge before hand. Don’t over think it.